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Oh, Hey! A new game from me!

2017-06-08 06:34:39 by Hoork

Long time no see! This game was originally created as a college project with my partner, who is creating graphics for the game. Therefore, the game visually looks different from my previous works.


You can play it here. Enjoy!


I am back!

2016-07-07 21:24:38 by Hoork

It's been a long time since my last post on newgrounds. A lot of stuff happend in this period of time. I took second place in ural game jam 2016 with my game Crashing reality ( I have meet a new guy, that can do some 3D modeling in blender. Also I have learned the basics of working with unity 3d and html5. So, I hope my next game will be in gorgeous 3d. Also I am thinking about buying Steam Greenlight Submission Fee. therefore here is the questions. Do you want to buy games, that I made? Even for a nominal fee? I am waiting for your response.

Flash is dead. What to do next?

2015-12-06 09:36:49 by Hoork

All my previous games a made in adobe flash, and the news that flash no longer supported made me worry about it. I need to find a replacement for flash. I see there 2 possible ways - unity or html5. What should I pick? Is there other variants? I need your advice.

Let's play a game!

2015-11-06 13:13:02 by Hoork

Let's play a game! All you need is decrypt a message below. If you do it, let me know. First one, who will give me a correct answer, will be awarded with my unfinished game (a little amount of people have played this). Let's get it started.


4C 6F 76 65 20 69 73 20 69 6E 76 65 72 73 69 6F 6E 20 6F 66 20 68 61 74 65

Cry at the void

2015-11-03 15:00:22 by Hoork

Hello? Am I alone?